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Interested in a tour? Contact us to book!

Come stop by and say hello! We are located at the dock of Casey Key Fish House.

801 Blackburn Point Rd Osprey, FL 34229.

Captain Charlie

He is a USCG OUPV Six-pack Licensed Captain. He's been in this area his whole life. His navigational skills are above and beyond around this area. He does onshore & offshore fishing tours for Gone Coastal.

Call 941-586-3210

Captain Steve

A retired teacher and coach, with over forty years of being on the sea, Captain Steve is excited to share his love for the water and this area with you. He has run dive boats in the Keys, sailing charters in the Caribbean, deliveries from Mexico to NY and is also a world champion windsurfer. He loves observing the wildlife above and in the waters of Sarasota-Venice area during the day and sunset tours.

Call 941-586-3210

Captain Lisa

She is a USCG OUPV Six-pack Licensed Captain. She's lived quite a number of places, but she's been coming to this area for 30 years! She works day tours and sunset trips. She also works fishing tours with Captain Charlie.

Call 941-544-4855

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